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Jim Shorney

And the version of your previously downloaded files can be found in the file Properties > Details.



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Hi George,
Thanks for your e-mail.  The easiest approach is to join my Announcement Only e-mail group, so you are alerted to all new releases (as you are here as well).

Even without that, there is no need to download the software to check the current version.  The current version is already displayed at the top of each download page:

As well as on the complete list of all programs here:

Finally, you will find the version number along with each program's revision summary:


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I spend a lot of time checking your site for the latest versions only to find out that I already have that file on my NAS.  Lately, I've been adding the version number to these files myself to save the download.  I don't usually keep all the programs installed on my computer at once.  

Can I ask if you can put the version number along with the file name, so I can compare what I have with what is on your site without having to install/run the program?  


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