FT Roundup Contest Question[s]

Stephen Walls

For the FT Roundup contest this weekend---

[  find the info here   ---   https://www.rttycontesting.com/  ]

The exchange is:    Stateside----Sig report and State
                    DX-----------Sig report and consecutive serial #

I have not done any FT8/4 contests,   just logged them in ACL and moved on.

Do any of the N3FJP  RTTY--Digital Log Programs support this exchange---working with JTAlert---?????

From the rules and the setup instructions,  looks like you can just run WSJT and it will create the Cabrillo file you need---????     I plan to play in this contest this weekend and will do it this way, if nothing else comes up that will work..

Thanks for any assistance,     Steve   K4ELI

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