Re: Can't connect to LOTW for downloads


My log was uploaded to LoTW via N3FJP within a couple of hours of the end of the contest.  It was processed within about 4 hours.  Yesterday I did a download via N3FJP and got a full download.  After reading these comments I looked at the que and saw some pretty big numbers.  I did another download this morning, via N3FJP and got several new confirmations, so the system is working but very slowly.  I know participation was up this year, but the number of logs outstanding (in the que) looks very high to me.  If I recall there were about 8-9K in logs from the CW portion last year.  I believe the ARRL folks are on this, but this brings back memories of the weeks waiting for the download.  My guess is some of the biggest logs may not even be in the que yet.


14K – 18K outstanding (if I read the que right) is a huge number.

Dale K8TS


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From: Paul AC9O
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The LoTW web site is severely overwhelmed at this time. Big contest uploads being processed.  Wait a couple days. It was over 10 hours behind  today. 


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