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Hi Phil,

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Good day group,
I am rabidly ashamed of my lack of intuition BUT, as of 11 30 this instant, I am cognizant of more than ONE confirmed QSO. Under that penumbra, I must pose the following queries, all on the DOWNLOAD side:
  1. what does CONFIRMED SINCE download?
**  QSOs confirmed by the other station since the date entered.
  1. what does ALL SINCE download?
**  All QSOs since the date entered.
  1. what does ALL CONFIRMED connote when I receive ONE confirmation, in 28 years of QSO?
**  The most like cause  is that you aren't running AC Log 6.7.

I ask these because they drive me nuts PLUS I am afraid of breaking LoTW's computer:
  • what does a REAL TIME upload do as opposed to UL which takes nanoseconds?
**  Real Time upload will upload the QSO as soon as you press enter from the main form.
  • WHY wud I want an EOF tag?
**  To ensure you received a complete download from LoTW.
  • what does RAW DATA contain, extra, that is of use?
**  Used for debugging.
  • precisely what does OVERWRITE EXISTING DATA write over?
**  Replaces existing data.  Not recommended.

I and my dearth of intuition thank-you.

**  Much of this is covered in far more detail on this page and in this video here:

**  Enjoy

73, Scott

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