Jerry W1IE

GA Scott,


This morning after I had done my processing for the CQWWCW contest, I started up the N3FJP logging software to upload the ADIF file. Much to my surprised, the program presented itself as a “newly installed program in that I had to provide a password (which I had) and then do the setup. It also created a brand-new empty database.


Since I use Microsoft’s file History program, it was not difficult to jump back to Nov. 27th and download the files. There all seem quite well and I uploaded the ADIF file with no problems. I then opened the LOTW in your software and did an update. I waited until late this afternoon and did a query on LOTW expecting 400+ entries to be returned with the “Sent” value to be a “Y”. But nothing came back. Tried several times even changing the QSO RX DATE and still no joy. The following is what I did received.



Retrieving records from LoTW.  Please wait for a response from the LoTW server...


LoTW Data received...


ARRL Logbook of the World Status Report

Generated at 2020-11-30 20:55:00

for w1ie




QSO RX SINCE: 2020-11-27 00:00:00 (user supplied value)











Complete download confirmed...





Processing complete.  Updates, if any, have been incorporated into your database.  Please click Done to proceed.


Have I completely “messed” up my installation of your software?


Best regards,


Jerry Knowlton, W1IE




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