Re: ACLog - Net and Round Table Manager


A long time ago, I warned Scott against creeping featurism which he chose to ignore.  I guess that's because Scott is a much nicer person than I.

If you want a Custom Net Log in which you can order, edit, and include any fields you want, I suggest using a spreadsheet program, e.g., M$Excel or Open/Libre Office Calc,
Then, if you want to import your spreadsheet into ACLog, these instructions provide a step by step procedure for converting your spreadsheet to ADIF format.

TWO caveats: 
  1. If you DO want to import your net log into ACLog, you must use FIELD NAMES identical to ACLog.
  2. The procedure is one way.  It doesn't provide for extracting prior sessions back to your spreadsheet.  (That's what File|Save is for.)   I don't believe ACLog will do that either but I've only  used the Net log feature one time to try it shortly after it was first introduced.

If you need individual assistance, please contact me OFF LIST.  Use the subject "Spreadsheet Net Log".

73,  Doug  W5DET(at)arrl(dot)net

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