Re: AC Log Calldata Out of Date?

Lou Everett, Sr. <loueverettsr@...>

Which database have you chosen to use.  You can choose the one you want in the N3FJP software.  Which one have you chosen?


On Sun, Nov 29, 2020 at 8:29 AM N7GHG <chipz40@...> wrote:
I had an interesting experience in my POTA activation yesterday.  I'm BRAND NEW to this software and it was my first time using it.
I made about ten different contacts with the same person (once on each of 10 different bands)  and the output from whatever the database used was weird.
I typed in his call sign.. and up pops two different names.. One was in CO and one in ID.  The one in CO was incorrect.  The one in ID has had his call for at least a few years.

What database is used?  When I type his call into QRZ.. everything looks correct.. but in ACLog.. it gets this dual problem.. It's only happened this one time

I had a similar issue with a 2nd contact where this ham replied to my QRZ and, of course, a name and address popped up.  But it was incorrect information.

Curious how frequent this happens..
What database is used for the contact data?

My N3FJP download took place about a week ago.

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