Re: Failure to upload to LoTW

Jim Shorney

The use of the word "download" in this context is a little misleading. What it really is is a "handshake" with LoTW to confirm that the records have been received, after which ACL marks them as sent. Judging from the screen cap it looks like the OP has never "downloaded".



On Sat, 28 Nov 2020 11:49:13 -0500
"AI3KS" <> wrote:


Are you also doing the download to mark them in ACLog?

Steve, AI3KS

On 20/11/28 11:43, George Davenport wrote:
I am not auto-logging to LoTW. When I go to upload at the end of the
day, I am getting a message that there are no new QSO's. This has
happend for the last 2 days...

Can't figure out why? I have not changed any of my settings or

George-- KM4ODS

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