Re: Downloads of new logs

Tom & Barb Valosin

Gud on ya Craig - glad it got squared away - frustration but no "big issues". BUT - you must of forgot - you showed me that beaucoup years ago when I had a similar problem so I didn't even think to mention it! Great thing about this group - people are willing to help.

73 - Dad, aka Tom, WB2KLD/VK2RSG

On 11/21/2020 9:35 PM, Craig wrote:
Thanks Everyone,

I had an option to "open in new tab" (or something like that) and once i did that, i was able to download it fine.  No idea what my computer was doing.

Thanks for the help.  

73 and for those in US of A, enjoy Thanksgiving.  (i am in VK so we don't have it)


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