Re: Great software, but I have a question

John Huber

Joe / KJ8O,

Hi from MIchigan!.  I think the absolute BEST way to use ACLog and any of Scott's contest modules is to set up the contest module to use the API to ACLog for rig control.  That eliminates having to configure rig control in the contest program.  In the Settings->Rig Interface under Rig select the "N3FJP API" and then Settings->Application Programming Interface fill in the Client section at the bottom.   When i have used this path it works like a dream, although I think I have only done it with CW contests so I can't confirm it will work with voice keyer type stuff in a SSB event.  Others probably have done that. 

I hope you get it sorted before the SS.

73,  John / N8FYL

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