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It does




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You can run multiple programs. On the API settings page, enable the top box on ACLog and the bottom box on the contest logger. That will allow AClog to control the rig (and winkeyer if you have one) and also pass that on to the contest program. You can program the CW function keys in the contest log and send them via the API to ACLog and on to the winkey.

I have done this on those weekends when there are multiple state QSO parties.

Hope this makes some kind of sense

Steve, AI3KS

On 20/11/18 21:08, Joseph Miller wrote:

Hello Scott,


I have been using your software since about 2008, and I will admit, underutilizing it... After a little time well spent with your website, and my Icom 7410 manual,, and a couple of false starts, I finally figured out the rig interface. It works like a charm, I am very pleased.


Now to get ready for Sweepstakes, and this is the voice of someone who can forget to change bands when entering QSOs into the Contest Logger, I see I have to enter the settings in that software also. No problem.


The only problem anywhere that I see is that I will not be able to operate ACLog and Sweepstakes at the same time on the same computer, as there will be a Comport setting issue. I ask this because if I hear a special event station during the contest, sometimes I will take a break, make contact, and go back to the contest.


If there is no easy answer, that's fine. Just wanted to express my gratitude for the effort that you put into your software.


vy 73 es gud luck,

Joe KJ8O (now in Southern California)



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