Re: Dymo Label Printer

Dave Edwards

Jim....What size labels do you use for various things with your QL-570 printer?

Per your suggestion, I snagged one off ebay, and will put it to use soon. I think it comes with some wimpy sample roll, but

I'm sure I have to buy a bunch.


On 9/22/20 10:28 PM, Jim Shorney wrote:
You're not going to like this but I suggest you ditch Dymo. They are the Yugo of printers. I have dealt with various 450 variants for years at my workplace and they are a constant PITA. I recently scored a gently used Brother QL-570 off the 'Bay and I am impressed with the build quality vs. Dymo and it worked as expected straight away with no troubles.



On Tue, 22 Sep 2020 14:22:22 -0700
"Mike VE3YF" <> wrote:

I have uninstalled the Dymo software and the printer and re-installed the software and now a new Dymo 450 Printer. Still the same results. Not sure where to look now but this problem is driving me up the wall.

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