Re: ACLog and IC 705 Issue


Hi Larry,

I tried using the strings FE FE 98 03 FD and FE FE 98 04 FD with no success. I went into Menu/Set/Connectors/CIV and changed it to 98H and magically it saw the radio. So that is the workaround.

However, N1MM and DXLabs Commander stopped working because of changing the Hex in the CI-V. So, what I did was save the ACLog settings on the SD card, and I have the default settings for the other programs that use the correct 4A hex saved to the SD card in another name.

Hopefully in a future release this is fixed in ACLog. I use the logbook for when I activate Parks on the Air. However, 5 days ago I had my left knee replaced so it will be a while before I am able to activate a park and use ACLog. At least I now know what to do and hopefully this helps others who might face the same dilemma as I did.

73 Scott

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