Re: ACLog and IC 705 Issue

Michael WA7SKG

You might try setting the hex address to 00. That is the "universal" Icom hex address that should work with all supported commands on any Icom CI-V radio. As long as you only have one radio connected, it should work.

Michael WA7SKG

Scott wrote on 11/15/20 1:13 PM:

II looked through some other threads about my issue and can't seem to get it resolved. I just purchased the IC 705 and I have rig control working with DXLabs, N1MM+ but no luck with ACLog. I use ACLog for POTA and really need my rig control. I changed the hex to A4 (see below) without any luck. My baud rate on COM8 is set at 115200 so the Spectrum display works with N1MM+. If I click on Command to Read Mode it takes me to 21446 and I can change modes. Is the 705 going to be supported fully in an upcoming release? Any ideas what is not set correctly?
73 Scott

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