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Joseph Miller

The Contest ID field is visible, but once you edit a record, then click 'more' and the screen opens up to almost a full page, and it's there in the the first rox of boxes right under 'Comments'

I would not recommend using Contest ID for recording POTA contacts though. as sometimes the entrants in the State QSO Parties activate a POTA site. I have had this happen a few times already. Also, if POTA is in a separate field, you can run an Awards Report to see how many of the parks you have worked.

Just my thoughts, thanks for reading.

73 de Joe KJ8O Desert Hot Springs CA

On Sat, Nov 14, 2020 at 7:05 AM Bill Grover <bgrover@...> wrote:
There is a field called Contest ID, I haven't checked if it is visible or not.  If you use any of N3FJP's contest programs he uses this field in the main log to fold the name of the contest log you imported.  You should be 
able to use this field to hold the contest name or your POTA number as needed.

Bill, N3EYF

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I like to work contests very casually by just making contacts, no interest in my score.
Also like to work POTA stations.

I setup first "other" field for this. I named it "Contest/event".
I positioned it so it is convenient and visible when adding a new contact.
For POTA entries i enter "POTApark#".
For contests I enter contest name or abbreviation & year.

That way i can retrieve a list of either.

I hope this nhelps.

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