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Russ Johnson

Thank you both for the quick reply.  

One last question before the contest  If you are using a mouse with the software and you want to enter a contact, where do you do that? I don’t see an enter button. I realize I can hit enter key  on the keyboard. 

Thank you a lot. I am excited about using the software for the first time over the weekend

Russ K3Pi 

On Nov 7, 2020, at 9:22 AM, Scott Davis via <SNKDavis@...> wrote:

Hi Russ,

Thanks for your follow up.  Yes, the modes for SS are contest specific and will not ever change mid contest.


73, Scott

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Hi Scott,

Thanks for the reply.   I had figured that part out.

What I find "odd" is that if I change the set up for CW, it will change the set up to CW for every log.
I am referring to the blue box in the lower left next to tracking time and band.

So is this normal behavior?  It doesn't change the mode of contacts already in the log, which is great.
But it appears that the software assumes that the next contact for any of the logs will be in the mode most recently set up in the most recent log.
It's like the mode that you set the log up in doesn't stay fixed with the originally set up mode.  It changes based on the most recent set up.

It appears that mode set up is not independent for each of the logs one has set up, but it applied universally to all of the logs based on most recent setting.

Does that make sense?  Just want to make sure I am not missing a setting somewhere and this is normal behavior for the software.

Thank you
Russ K3Pi

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