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Pat Whelton

If I’m not mistaken all of Scott’s loggers log in 24 hour time.  That’s basic Ham Radio.  How would you be able to confirm QSOs if you logged in local time (12 hour) and your contact was drinking a cool one in Swaziland?



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To those of us who prefer a 24 hr clock could you please add that option in a future update?  Thanks 

DR Beck

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Hi JoAnn,


Thanks for your e-mail.  For a time, their rules diverged, necessitating the addition of a different program.  If things ever slow down and I have the opportunity I will remerge them into one, but there are countless, higher priority items on the to do list presently.



73, Scott



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    I am getting setup for the NA SSB Sprint this weekend. I noticed that you have TWO NA Sprint downloads. One has the CW and RTTY Modes greyed out and the other you can select between

CW/RTTY/SSB. Just wondering what the difference is between the Loggers. IMHO, it seems to be

a redundancy with the SSB Only Version.




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