Rig Interface

Pat Whelton

Never mind.  I changed some more stuff on the Rig Interface screen and “FINALLY” got it to work.  I then figured out how to take a screen shot and now have my own photo of what it looks like.  I’m headed to Wells Fargo to place my copy in the old safety deposit box.


As an aside.  I’m not a programmer but I think I know what causes my Rig Interface to go into Never-Never Land.


Here’s the scenario:  you always have ACLog open (always).  You’re a Ham right?  Ok, you’re thinking of trying one of Scott’s other programs because there’s this contest you’ve been wanting to try.  You go to Scott’s website and browse around and find the contest logger you think might fit the bill.  You download a copy and fire it up.  Danger Will Robinson.  This is where I think Ham Radio as you and I know it comes to a screeching halt and you have to play detective for a couple of hours.


I think because you now have two copies of various loggers vying for the same resources nothing but bad and evil things can happen.  Especially when it comes to com ports and Win-Keyers.  Bad, bad, bad things.  Really bad.


Again I’m not a programmer and don’t know how hard it is to retrofit 100 programs or if it’s even possible but it seems to me something like if “such and such is running” or if “your favorite com port” is in use do not allow another iteration of the program access to the resource or allow another iteration of a similar logger to run.


However, what do I know?  I just manage to get trapped by this little operating event more than I care to.




Pat – KZ5J

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