Help - Rig Interface - Kenwood

Pat Whelton

My rig interface has gone dead.  No amount of jacking with it will get it to work.  If anyone has a screen shot of their Rig Interface Setup screen for a Kenwood TS570DG would you please share.  Thanks for your help.


I’ve tried:


  1. Comport 3
  2. Comport 4
  3. Kenwood
  4. Kenwood2
  5. Baud Rates: 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 14.4 and 19.2
  6. Watched the little girls You Tube video related to how simple and easy it is to setup that even a pre-teen girl can do it.
  7. Brought AClog down and back up again
  8. Rebooted
  9. Unplugged and replugged USB line from Winkey
  10. Said 32 Hail Mary’s.
  11. Said 42 cuss words.


This usually happens on Friday nights when I’m getting ready to contest.  For some reason it decided to do it during the middle of the week.  Oh, well, what else is new.


If you share I plan to print your reply, scan 2 copies of it, keep one copy handy on the desk, drive down to Wells Fargo and place the other copy in my safety deposit box.  I will also scan a copy for my documents file and another copy I plan to keep on an external thumb drive.  The thumb drive will be adorned  with a chain and that chain will hang from my antenna switch.


Additionally if you ever happen to be in Houston I’ll provide you with an ice cold Miller’s Lite as well as a round of golf at the local Muni.


Thanks for you help.




Pat – KZ5J


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