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Scott Davis

Hi JoAnn,

Thanks for your e-mail.  Folks use other modes besides SSB.  FM is common in VHF and Field Day for example, so when rig interface is not used, the opportunity to map the actual mode is presented on export.  If you set up rig interface, the actual mode returned by your rig will be recorded instead of PH.

The ADIF function defaults to SSB on export, so generally, going with the export defaults is fine.


73, Scott

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    I know you have a reason for doing this but LOTW has a headache with it.
When the Contest was over, I had it not only create a Cabrillo log file which I
sent to CQ. I then had it make an .ADIF file. When I attempted to send this file
to LOTW, LOTW had a headache with it. Saying that the PH for Mode was Invalid.
I had to go back into the Contest Logger, create a new ADIF File but this time I let
it convert the PH to SSB. Then LOTW was happy. SO why do you use PH for SSB
contacts and not SSB? I did notice that the Field Day Logger used PHONE and LOTW
was Happy with that.


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