Re: using contest loggers to send CW

John Miller

Scott, I am using a different port for CW from the one used for rig
control. Frank it seems weather I check DTR or RtS either way it does
it but only when the software is open. I close the software it's fine
so I'm thinking the cable is fine. It's got to be either a setting, or
my computer being flakey again, that computer is the master of flakey
sometimes. When it works, it works but any time I plug something new
in to a USB port, forget it I'm in for several days of headaches, so
here I am now. If I wasn't laid off with no chance of being hired
back, I'd just give up on that computer and get another one but right
now, I'm dealing with what I have.

On 10/26/20, Scott Davis via <> wrote:
Hi John,
Thanks for your e-mail.  Click Settings > Rig Interface and deselect the
power option that is keying your cable (which sounds like is working
You will need to use a separate port for CW from rig interface.

73, ScottN3FJP
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I had that happen also.......try DTS first and figure from there


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I got a cable on amazon to go from the usb port of my computer and send CW
with the straight key jack. I believe it uses RTS though there is no info
with it. No matter how I set it though, as soon as I open the software,
mostly tested with the 10 meter contest logger since that's the next contest
I plan to participate in, as soon as I open the software it's like someone's
holding a straight key down, just a constant tone. Is this a software
setting I need to change or is it something with the cable? radio is a
ts-590S not the G version. I have another cable with the 1/4 jack I tried
that with an adapter but the computer doesn't like that one, it will this
computer just is a pain about anything I add to it for some reason and I
don't feel like going through the hassle of setting up another device on
this nightmare computer if I don't have to. I'm guessing there is no way to
send CW with the usb port in the radio as there is with some? I rather send
by hand but you know the odd contest now and then it's nice to have that for
stored CW reports and stuff.

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