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Hi Larry,
Those are listed on the band headings on the contest page.  Look for the numbers after the band, for example my 40M header shows: 40 = 18 / 8, which means 18 countries and 8 zones.
The other Larry / W1DYJ

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Hey Scott

Thanks for the help BUT

I'm trying to fill out the and the want zones and countries by band?

How do you get that from the stats?

73 Larry K1ZW

On 10/26/2020 4:49 PM, Scott Davis via wrote:
Hi Larry,
Thanks for your e-mail.  If you count off times greater than 30 minutes as being inactive, you operated 2:36:17.  If you count off times greater than 60 minutes as being inactive, you operated 4:07:37.

A quick check of the rules indicates 60 minutes for Class Overlay.  I didn't check to see if any of the other options had a time constraint.


73, Scott
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I'm looking at the statistics an it has me confused(easy to do)
  Total op time (breaks > 30 min deducted): 2:36:17
Total op time (breaks > 60 min deducted): 4:07:37
Avg Qs/Hr (breaks > 30 min deducted): 39.5
What does this mean? How much operating time did I do?
73 Larry K1ZW

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