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Jim Shorney

A couple of points inserted below.

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There are user defined "Other" fields in N3FJP. I have Other defined as SIG_REF (park worked) and Other1 as MY_SIG_REF (Park I activated). As long as both fields are filled in and the operator at the park you worked as P2P submits a log, the POTA system will credit you with a P2P.
The correct ADIF fields to use are SIG_INFO and MY_SIG_INFO. MY_SIG_INFO is not really required at all right now but may ne used in the future so it is a good idea to get in the habit of using it. If nothing else it helps you track your parks activated. The POTA database does log matching for P2P so SIG_INFO is not *usually* needed. Where it is needed is in the case of working a rover at a different park with the same UTC date, band, and mode. The database will treat this as a dupe contact if SIG_INFO is not used. Again, it is best to get in the habit of using it so it will be there when needed.

Concerning LOTW, you must create a separate station location defining state, county and grid square. I have two station locations defined (1) "W2NR home" which is my home station and (2) "W2NR portable" which I edit with correct county, state and grid before uploading.

Already posted in a previous message is a method of having TQSL pull your location from the log rather than having to set up a new station location for each activation.

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