Re: ACL 6.7 woe's


I  am running a laptop, i5 processor, 8GB of Ram, Windows 10, and it is continually losing the driver for ICOM, I am having to load it every time I turn on the computer, and go through the RIG setup every time, what a pain Windows 10 has become. What I don't understand is why the driver disappears and I need to load it every time? As George Carlin used to say it must be a Catholic thing - "It's a Mystery!"

One thing that I think may be related to AcLog is that when I have the DX spotting set up so I have the big form on another monitor, it seems to work for a while, and then freezes, and stops updating? If I go and turn off spotting, select another spotter, turn on again, it runs for a while and freezes. So, I find I am having to go through the process just mentioned several times in an hour of contesting. Just wondered if anyone else has had that happen or is it related to my computer or Windows 10 again?

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