Frank Mellott

I have both EQSL and LOTW in auto upload.
I am using ur log book for FLDIGI. Uploading just fine. Why am I getting a "B" in the qsl sent rather than a "L"

Good morning
To specifically answer the question,  Look at your settings.  It sounds like you have it marked to log a QSL as sent IF it was sent by EQSL or LOTW. You are sending BOTH  so it flags it with a B.

My preference is a card C and I have mine set to mark as a RECEIVED if it is in LoTW.  So since I manually upload EQSL and only upload to LoTW a couple times a month, when I send LOTW, it puts anin the sent field. if I send a EQSL it enters an E and if I send a card, and change th sent flag to Yes, it enters a C. so if I send all 3, the field shows L,E,C.

If you don't want B, uncheck the autosend EQSL.  I log every contact, but for nets when I am NC, etc I do not send an EQSL. It is no problem for me to manually send 5 or 20 a month. N3FJP makes it easy!

Hope this helps



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