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Rick Harkins WØYGH

Ernie, you're over-thinking it.  I've been using ACL since I started POTA in March, and have logged over 4,000 POTA contacts. My main screen looks a lot like yours:

I capture the grid, the state, and the county of the park and include them with the log, and I'm in the minority.  I'm confident that this will provide the data that 99.99% of your contacts would ever want. Unless there's a new contest I've not heard about, nobody gives a darn what zip code, lat/lon, or city you are working from. 99% of your contacts are only interested in one thing: your park. The county hunters and grid hunters don't hang out on looking for contacts.

Scott gives us eight custom fields to capture what we want. You need two for the SIG data. That leaves you six more to capture the data that you feel is most important.

Enjoy the park and the contacts you make. Don't get all wrapped up in unnecessary logging complexity. POTA logging is as simple as it gets.

Have fun out there!
Rick W0YGH

On Sat, Oct 24, 2020 at 8:42 AM Ernest G. Wilson II <ErnestGWilsonII@...> wrote:
Hello Scott and Kimberly (and N3FJP logging fans worldwide)!

I'm relatively new to parks on the air activations for ham radio and I recently came across some issues pertaining to accurate park logging.

When submitting to official log book of the world and/or something like QRZ for example,
I would like callers to be in the log for calling into the actual park location and not my FCC ULS database listed home address on file.
This has forced me to do a bunch of hand edits to my logs:
Manually adding / editing the ADIF export and adding park specific data (based on the park I am set up in):
If I was at Auburn Valley State Park in Delaware, park K-4366 (all this data would be different for each park):
<MY_CNTY:17>New Castle County 

a.) First, each record needs to have the park I am activating;
b.) In the official log, need to use MY_SIG_INFO but it would be awesome if N3FJP software would display a friendly name like PARK

a.) It would be great if the F3FJP software would help us build (or import) a list of parks.
b.) Each time we activate a park, we may be at a different park somewhere in the world. 
     We want our contacts to be logged for calling the park and not our home address.
     Each park location has specific details (during a single park activation, this info is usually the same for each record):

a.) Some park contacts are special "Park to Park" calls.
      In the official log, need to use SIG_INFO but it would be awesome if N3FJP software could display a friendly name like P2P

Tried editing the logger to make it park focused, so it  looks like this now;

Thank you in advance for even reading this!

Am I doing it wrong?
Or is there a POTA version of N3FJP logger?
How have other folks solved this?

(formerly W3TCP - I recently changed my vanity callsign to align with my wife's call: W3GRL - We are now "girl and guy" - W3 GRL and GUY hi hi)

Thank you,

Ernest G. Wilson II
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