Re: ACL 6.7 woe's



Thanks for the follow up. Just one more thing to keep in mind when things suddenly go south.


Steve, AI3KS

On 20/10/23 08:58, JeffBanke wrote:
I meant to get back to everyone regarding my problem. It seems that Microsoft 10 does play nicely with the ICOM driver, in that every time Microsoft 10 does an update it kicks the ICOM driver off the system,. It also did it randomly while I was using it yesterday, I went to see if it was the same problem, and yes the driver was missing when I checked in "Device manager', reloaded the driver and was once again up and running.
Painful to have to be constantly aware that it might happen at any time, but at least I know what the problem is, and it is not anything to do with 6.7.

Jeff, NZ2S

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