Re: ACLog spots to Flex 6400 Panadapter

Dan Trainor

Thank you to Dave wo2x!!!! Who called me and helped me out using a TeamViewer troubleshooting session. Always good to have a second pair of eyes when you get stuck. And he found the issue quickly. Thank you kindly Dave! Turned out since I was operating remote the data packets between ACLog and Flex Radio API were not being passed though the home router, as the router was blocking and not forwarding this port. I now have at at least two solutions. 1) port forward 12061 in home router and/or have a local PC running that would serve to feed Flex API with Spots locally. Thanks again Dave for helping understand what the issue was and suggesting work arounds. I hope this information helps someone in the future if they have a similar scenario. The SPOTS were all working for me for about a year when my SSDR client was local and directly connected to the radio through a switch and thus the SPOT data packets were passing successfully from ACLog to Flex Radio Panadapter. When I moved the SSDR client remote, as I didn't think about how that may affect the ACLog to Flex Radio interaction. Dave didn't have to take the time out and kindly lend a hand to this old man but he did and I am grateful. Thank you, dan WA1QZX

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