Re: ACLog spots to Flex 6400 Panadapter

Dan Trainor

OK, I have exhausted all possible troubleshooting options.  Still does not work.  Anything that would block communications in my environment (fire walls, etc) have been turned off.  So, I am thinking it is a Flex API issue.  But, unfortunately this N3FJP to Flex API Interface is undocumented on the Flex side and I have yet to find the person that wrote the Interface SW.  If I can find the person, I would able to ask them how this interface works and that would give me insight into how to troubleshoot. I am a software engineer so I understand.  Worse case, I can fire up Visual Studio and write another interface bridge between N3FJP ACLog and Flex API.  The interface commands on each side are well documented.  By writing it myself, I would then know how it communicates between client and server, so if anything goes wrong I can troubleshoot.  As it is now, there is no documentation on the communication details between the two products so troubleshooting in the dark.  Anyone happen to know who wrote the SW? thanks, dan

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