Re: ACLog spots to Flex 6400 Panadapter

Scott Davis

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your follow up.  My previous reply for the Flex API is correct, and all you need.  

Use the N3FJP API in rig interface to connect to another N3FJP program.  For example, AC Log connected to your rig, while also running one or more state QSO parties, all simultaneously enjoying the features or rig interface.

The Flex API code is completely independent of the N3FJP API code.   There is no need to enable the N3FJP API at all to connect to your Flex, as that is all handled by the Flex API selection in my software and the Flex DLL.


73, Scott

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Yes Scott.  I know that.  I have selected Flex API. That is how I got this to work in the past.  I was asking about:  Settings > Rig Interface and Select "N3FJP API"  - which are the instructions in the comments section of Settings > Application Programming Interface (API) Dialog box.  If that comment is incorrect or obsolete, I shall ignore.   I am just simply trying to set up a TCP / IP connection between ACLog and FlexRadio via Flex API (DLL).  I am monitoring TCP / IP connections and data flow.  I see ACLog IP port on 1100, but no data being sent or received.  So, on the Flex side I am trying to understand how Flex would even know about 1100 or whatever I set it to as there does not seem to be a way on Flex side to specify this logger port number.  Or maybe ACLog and Flex is supposed to use another port number.  Nothing is documented that I can find on Flex end with regard to ACLog.  Puzzling.  Still troubleshooting.  I never give up :)  dan

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