Re: ACLog spots to Flex 6400 Panadapter

Dan Trainor

Yes Scott.  I know that.  I have selected Flex API. That is how I got this to work in the past.  I was asking about:  Settings > Rig Interface and Select "N3FJP API"  - which are the instructions in the comments section of Settings > Application Programming Interface (API) Dialog box.  If that comment is incorrect or obsolete, I shall ignore.   I am just simply trying to set up a TCP / IP connection between ACLog and FlexRadio via Flex API (DLL).  I am monitoring TCP / IP connections and data flow.  I see ACLog IP port on 1100, but no data being sent or received.  So, on the Flex side I am trying to understand how Flex would even know about 1100 or whatever I set it to as there does not seem to be a way on Flex side to specify this logger port number.  Or maybe ACLog and Flex is supposed to use another port number.  Nothing is documented that I can find on Flex end with regard to ACLog.  Puzzling.  Still troubleshooting.  I never give up :)  dan

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