Re: ACLog spots to Flex 6400 Panadapter

Lou Everett, Sr.

I believe Scott sent you the answer you need.  Roger?


On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 8:56 AM Dan Trainor <dptrainor@...> wrote:
Hi Lou,  I only see "Transfer API" in Files dropdown menu.  Which is for another purpose.  I am trying to set up a working TCP / IP connection between ACLog and FlexRadio via the Flex API (DLL) interface.  I am troubling shooting the issue end-to-end. I do not yet know how to establish this connection and pass Band, Freq, Mode, Spot information to/from ACLog and Flex Radio.  I have configured everything I can on ACLog side with port 1100 LISTENING, but see no data passing.  But, it is not clear to me how to configure Flex to know about this port.  Puzzled. Thanks, dan WA1QZX

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