New Feature Idea for LoTW Last Upload Date for a QSO

Paul AC9O

Hi Scott,

Thanks for a great program. I know you get a lot of feature requests. Hope this isn't some kind of duplicate.

One issue when using List, QSOs with unconfirmed country/state is that many ops don't update LoTW for a LONG time. I don't use eQSL but I assume that's a similar issue.

I find myself having to note (I use one of the Other fields) that I need to wait and check LoTW Upload Date, or mark that someone doesn't do LoTW. I end up looking up the call multiple times to find out if I should initiate a request to confirm the QSO via email or by other means.

If there was a column on that list that included the Last LoTW Upload Date, or flag the row somehow that the op hasn't upload based on the QSO date, would be a big help.

Since you already have the LoTW data, perhaps it could be done if you think it worth while.

Thanks for considering
Paul, AC9O

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