Contest files and databases

Bainbridge Cowell

I use N3FJP contest logger programs and ACLog for my master log.


For a recurring contest such as CW Ops CWT, I have been choosing “New contest with a new database or file location.”  That way I can submit results just from that (weekly) contest and I can export an ADIF file to import into ACLog where I store all my QSO records.


However, I would like to set up the file so the program remembers each previously worked callsign and the associated exchange information (like SPC and member no.). 


If at the start of the contest I choose “New contest with the current database file,” would the program remember the callsigns and exchange information logged in previous contest sessions? 


If I choose this option, when I import the contest QSOs into ACLog, would I get just the QSO records from the latest contest session, or would I also get a dump of all the QSOs from previous sessions of the contest (such as the weekly CW Ops CWT)?


Any guidance would be appreciated!


Bain, K8LBQ




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