Re: SD QP cabrillo log problems - maybe

Bruce Richardson

Let's see if I can add to the discussion without being too confusing.

From the contesting world, there is one guideline to "log it like you heard it".  I believe for world-wide contests, it is to try and get a good match-up of QSOs. So that means leaving /XXXX in the callsign field and XXXX in the County field.

From what I've heard of State QSO parties log adjudication (Minnesota is where I heard the most detail) is that the log processing software is very tolerant and  gives a good match with either just the root call or root call and county appended with /XXXX.

With contest logging software, DURING THE CONTEST, one good reason to log the mobiles with their /XXXX county is that it will help you (the contester) detect dupe/non-dupe DURING the contest.  This is what I do.  DURING THE CONTEST, I log the mobiles with their /XXXX information in the callsign field and the XXXX in the county field.

But the rub comes in post-contest when I view the N3FJP statistics and the contest software says that I've worked goofy DX entitities and CQ/ITU zones on account of the /suffix. 

I won't get into the LOTW issues that mobiles have dealing with root certificates, child certificates, and multiple locations.  But I'll tell you that you'll get most matchups in LOTW with a mobile's root callsign.

So what I do after the State QSO party is over, is edit the Q's that have a /XXXX (where it is just a mobile moving among counties -- I leave the /# where an outlander sounding callsign indicates that they are "in" state) and remove the /XXXX leaving just the root callsign.  Then my N3FJP statistics look more helpful to me.  I submit Cabrillo logs and .adi files with just the root callsigns.  But having the /XXXX during the contest has really helped me avoid dupes.

Some mobiles submit their logs to the State QSO party administrators with /XXXX and some don't.  The State QSO Party admins have had to deal with this for years and usually set their software to give "matches" to either root or root/XXXX.

Now just a little aside about mobile and LOTW.........
The only State QSO Party that I regularly go mobile in is the Minnesota QSO Party.  With my wife (KA9VVQ), we activate six new counties each year during the 10 hour contest.  Since I am "the minister of tedious", I build locations in LOTW every year and maintain child certificate of /M (for mobile) and each year I apply for child certificates of /XXX for each of the counties we activate.  Then I tediously upload/sign my adi files with my base callsign, with /M, and with /XXX.  I don't think many mobiles do tedious things like that.  Yes, I know TQSL/LOTW has had some improvements in the past year that make multiple locations easier.

Back to the topic at hand, I hope you can see why logging /XXXX will help reduce dupes during a contest.  But after a contest, you may want to clean up the log for other purposes.

Bruce Richardson W9FZ

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