Contest History

Gary Johnson

ContestHistory.txt updates inconsistently.

I had observed this behavior several years ago. Then for a long time it seemed to be updating correctly. But now for the last few weeks it is inconsistent again. For example, in this afternoon's CWT contest I worked a new callsign on two different bands. The second time I worked that callsign, I should have seen the name and CWops # fields populate from the history file when I tabbed from the Call field. But they were still blank.

After I closed the log file, I checked the history file date-time stamp. It showed the expected date and time. But when I opened the file in notepad, the new callsign was not present.

And it's not just the absence of a new callsign. I frequently see that a field populates with old data even though I remember just recently entering new data for that callsign. Yet at other times, the fields show updated info.

What is going on with the history file?

Gary, N8LR

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