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Larry Stowell K1ZW

I have my 7610 and 705 unliked and run them at 115200

73 Larry K1ZW

On 10/13/2020 4:39 PM, Frank MacKenzie-Lamb wrote:

I understand and thank you




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That is the fastest speed, not the "required" speed. I just tested at 4800 and it worked just fine. They just have to match. Also, the actual CI-V port won't run faster than 19200. I think to run faster than 19200 you have to unlink from remote. If the ports are linked I believe that the top speed is 19200.

From page 12-9 of the full manual:

Selects the CI-V data transfer rate when remotely
controlling the IC-7300 through the [USB] CI-V port.
••Options: 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200
(bps), or Auto

This setting is valid only when the “CI-V USB Port”
item is set to “Unlink from [REMOTE].”

Steve, AI3KS

On 20/10/13 13:17, Frank MacKenzie-Lamb wrote:

Which is 115200 for the 7300





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Hi Jeff and Steve,


Yes, I don't have a 7300 myself, but from what I understand, the proper baud rate is required.


73, Scott



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This shows your baud rate as 1200.

In a previous post you indicated 9600.

I would go back and double check both baud rates. I may be wrong, but I believe that if you change it in the 7300 you need to power cycle it to reset it.

Scott may be able to verify whether or not this matters, but I also have the CI-V port unlinked from remote and Echo Back on.

Steve, AI3KS


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