Which contest database to use?

Bainbridge Cowell

In the N3FJP software, for example the CW Ops contest program, when I start a new weekly “mini-test” (CWT), I have a two choices:


  • Start a new contest with the current database file, or
  • Start a new contest with a new database file.


I have been using the second option, because when I try the first one I get a warning message that this will delete the previous log in that database file.


I would like to choose an option that might “fill in” contact details like name and CW Ops member number when I contact  a station I have worked in previous mini-tests.  Since the ops are running at 25-40 wpm, this would really help me not having to ask for repeats!


Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Bain, K8LBQ


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