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I too see the same issues with my 4K monitors; the awards dialog box, the LOTW upload screen, and the VHF contest software all look similar to your pic of the awards dialog box.
The only way to fix it was to blow it up almost to the full size of the monitor, which takes up entirely too much room - My plan to move to 4K was to see more things on the monitor at once, not less - so I am still dealing with how to position the logging software and still see everything else. All of my monitors run the same resolution and settings. AClogs visual elements don't scale well on 4K.

- Jay N1AV

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Hi Chris,

I would be curious if the problem persists at 100% in landscape mode?

I am at a loss on the top level menus being one size and the sub level menus being another.  

73, Scott

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Hi Folks,

I've been digging through the multimonitor and 4K threads and it's not clear to my if my situation is supported. I just started trying the program today and I like what I can get to so far.

My setup: left monitor, portrait mode 1440 x 2560. Scale at 150%. Don't plan on using AC Log on it.
Center monitor, landscape mode, 3840 x 2160. Scale at 200%.

Running with my monitor scale at 100% isn't an option due to other software I use the requires the scale increase to be operable.

Problem #1: Menu's show up unscaled and offset (possibly just the unscaled localtion) with the shadow showing up offset by the origin of the window (I think). Here's me clicking on the Awards menu.

The awards form has font scaling issues, making it unusable. Unfortunately if I change form scaling to 50%, then the main window is too small.

I can find a compromise if the form size is 80%. The Awards dialog is huge, filling up the 4k display, but workable.

But the menus are still very difficult to use.

I am a desktop application programmer by trade, and about a decade ago I had to spend a lot of time adapting our software to work correctly in all these use cases. My colleague ended up creating a new view framework and we had to port our code to it. It was not fun. I have another program from a different programmer that is having similar menu item issues and I wonder if you all are using the same framework under the hood.

Practically, if I set the form size to 80% I can get everything usable from a font size and dialog layout perspective, but the menus are still broken.

Is that something you are tracking?

I apologize in advance for slow replies during the work week. I will not have time to poke at this again until the weekend.


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