Re: WinkeyerUSB



Sounds like it might be RF. Have you tried using lower power? I know that I get all kinds of wierd things when I run rtty at more than about 40 watts on 15 meters.

Steve, AI3KS

On 20/10/04 17:29, k6jta@... wrote:
I just purchased a Winkeyer.  Have it configured OK.  In CalQSO I clicked on Winkeryer in CW setup.  Keyer works ok for about half and hour, then I get a message that Access To Com1 is denied.  Go back into WinTools and
it shows as Com3.  Go through setup again.  Keyer works for about a half hour or less, the Access To Com1 is denied.
What am I doing wrong.
Thanks, Ron, K6JTA

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