Portabke Operations Challenge Log

Catherine AC4YL

Good day all,

Thus is Catherine AC4YL.  I’m very much looking forward to participating in the portable operations  challenge this weekend.  The exchange is callsign, station class (Q or P), serial number, and 4 character grid square.  Callsigns, frequency, date snd time in UTC, and power must also be recorded.

I’d like to use N3FJP for logging.  I’m guessing the only log to use would be AC log?  I was just wondering if there were any plans to create a log for this event with the exchange boxes without score calculations (cause their scoring is a bit of a convoluted mess)?  I love the contest logs as they make keeping up with the exchanges much easier as that’s the only info on the screen.


Thanks and 73,
Catherine AC4YL

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