locked Re: Is there a way?

Pat Whelton

Hey John.  Where exactly is this feature located in ACLog?  I’ve never seen it.




Pat – KZ5J


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I would like to be able to store three types of frequencies for easy recall.
1 - Temporary frequencies of recently heard stations that I may call
2 - Frequencies of nets that I regularly check into
3 - Frequencies like start of SSB segments for various  bands like fpr 40,20,15 meters

I can use the 5/10 temporary memories for ether #1 or #2
The standard memories could be used for #2 and #3.
However, recall access to standard memories is difficult because of the small size of the knob.
Especially for me due to limited ability to turn it due to physical limitations of my dominate hand.
Due to diabetes the fingers on it have been "shortened".

For example a second set of temporary  memories if available would really help.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.


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