Re: FLdigi, CW RTTY DX, and Cabrillo -- State problems

Larry Banks

Hi Robert, (call?),
ACLog is not a log for contesting.  It is not set up to log correctly during a contest.  The CW WW RTTY contest log will work properly.

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ


Sent: Sunday, September 27, 2020 21:12
Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] FLdigi, CW RTTY DX, and Cabrillo -- State problems

2 odd problems using the CW WW RTTY logger (ver 2.2) with FLDIGI (4.1.14) this weekend. Windows 10 machine.

1) Logging. For some reason, while Fldigi records the state, in ACLog the state appears gray and does not get logged. So all throughout the contest, I had to manual switch apps, edit each entry, and type the state in.

I can deal with that (I used Fldigi with N3FJP all the time and never had a problem like this). I am not a high speed contestr so I just updated the US entries.

2) Writing the Cabrillo File. The generated Cabrillo file has "DX" instead of the state for all the US entries. I do not think this is related to #1 above. I manually added a few US and Canadian entries to test this idea. All the Canadian entries (whether added directly by me or imported from fldigi) had the province correctly output in the Cabrillo file. However, All the US entries still had "DX" in the cabrillo file where the state abbreviation should be.

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