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Larry Krist

Dave has made a fix to his software to fix the transfer problem.

Larry  N8CWU

On 9/26/2020 4:21 PM, Scott Davis via wrote:
Hi Don,

Thanks for your e-mail.  I understand there is a problem with recent versions of FLDigi transferring the state to my CQ WW RTTY software properly.  You may want to post to or check the FLDigi support group for more on that.

That said, when working, here are the steps to set up FLDigi with my contest software:


73, Scott

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Hello all! My uBITX->fldigi->N3FJP ecosystem works great.  I use Fldigi to operate the uBITX, and when I hit fldigi's little square log icon, the data magically pops over to N3JFP and gets logs and N3 pics up the exact frequency and other data and N3 commits' the log. Really sweet and wonderful integration.  If i just click on a call in the Fldig decode area that call gets ported over to N3 and I can see any other log events with that call.

For all of you experience operators, you'll say..."duh dude, that is what it should do...". Well okay, but I admit that every time it happens I get a smile and I'm quietly thrilled that it all works so well. 

So, when I downloaded the RTTY program today, it didn't work.  I have no idea what I'm to do here. Sorry to be so blond.  I don't really remember what I did to Fldigi to get it to work with the main N3 program, and I'm lost on  the RTTY application. 

Any hand holding, or kick in the pants, would be appreciated.

Signed, Clueless in Virginia


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