Re: Where does ACLog get the state for County_Sent when it exports an ADIF?

Rick Hall - K5GZR

Thanks again.  I think we can make this work because all of the counties are in Texas.  We can easily mass edit each of the 26 county files to add MY_CNTY with the length value, TX, and the spelled-out county name... And that will be stored in what shows as County Sent in ACLog.  With a value of TX in USERSTATE, ACLog puts the My_Cnty tag with the values we want into the LOTW.adi file it sends to TQSL.  With the proper configuration and a location record with <blank> in the county, TQSL sends the proper TX,county data to LoTW.   Lets us use 1 TQSL location record, we can upload all of the QSOs for all of the counties in one batch, and we can see the counties in the ACLog main screen's 'County S' column.
And... okay on not being currently considered.    However, it is definitely something that should be considered now that TQSL can use location information from the incoming .adi file.  Makes logging of rover operations much less tedious because now you don't have to create a TQSL location record for each county (probably same for grid, but I haven't focused on that for this situation because the contacts are HF and grid is not a priority for them.)   73, Rick - K5GZR

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