Where does ACLog get the state for County_Sent when it exports an ADIF?

Rick Hall

I can use the edit window in ACLog to put a county name (in this example, Harris) in the County Sent data element.   And when I export that QSO to an ADIF file, I see that the County_Sent tag has a value of 'TX,Harris' which is the proper data value....  However, I can't figure out where ACLog got the TX state value.   I entered a county (in this example, Oconee which is in SC) which is NOT a county in Texas, but ACLog is exporting County_Sent as 'TX,Oconee' instead of SC,Oconee.  I tried putting  in SC,Oconee, but it gets exported as TX,SC,Oconee.  I can't figure out how to tell ACLog a state to associate with County_Sent.   What am I missing?  Thanks,  Rick - K5GZR

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