Re: Edit Fields Displayed, Position and Tab Order

Ken Bell


If you've reached the dreaded Antivirus 'clamping down' or 'RFI in the Shack' email, that's the signal that official support is done. Any further emails will be along the lines of 'we've already talked about this.'

If I were in your shoes, I would export any log file you have in ADFI format, completely remove the program including settings files. Turn back on your Norton and W-10 protection and reinstall fresh, then reimport you log files. You will have to change your settings back to your preferences, but that should eliminate whatever 'clamping down' might be and might fix your problem.   

We're just a couple of days into a hurricane cleanup here, but if the above doesn't get it going, you can email my address on and I'll try to help. 
Ken - K4EES

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