Adapting available specific contest logger for OTHER contests & fldigi


We have a lot but not all of the contests covered, and I usually do trial/error to adjust what we have for the other contests.
Usually successful, using ADIF master and ADIFtoCabrillo programs.

Has anyone compiled a list of tips to do this? I keep failing to record my  results.

Second, adapting to fldigi is a nightmare. Despite a LOT of improvements, fldigi is still stubborn for these cases.
Using the ACL logger, I tried using the fldigi BARTG RTTY setting  and the Generic Contest setting.
It starts out briefly and sees ACL and kicks out, back to ACL and doesn't work.
I doubt W1HKJ has a solution, since his mods now work GREAT with the CORRECT logger programs. :)

Doing manual editing in today's BARTG 75 RTTY contest. Can't figure how to kick the Icom into 75 baud, but fldigi is fine.

73, Bo W4GHV since '54

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