Integrating AC Log, a 2nd N3FJP log and FLRIG

Frank Mellott

Good morning 
I feel like it is a simple solution but i have not figured it out.

Setting up AC log to communicate to the radio and record frequency, etc, is pretty simple.

I like QSO parties and found it is really cool to use the TCPIP conndctions in ACLOG so the state qso party log captures band and frequency. No more changing bands but forgot to change the loa, log!

I use FLRIG as the CAT control for FLDIGI and WSJT-X. But if i want to use PSK31 or RTTY in a contest through FLDIGI,  what are the settings I need in ACLOG and the qso party log to successfuly log a digital qso?

I feel like its in the port settings in the N3FJP AC LOG interface but have not found a combination that works.

Thanks in advance.


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