Re: Invalid entries? #fields

Dave - K7DCJ

Here is the answer to my question(s):

1) ACLog checks for invalid entries in the Countries, States, and Counties entries of a QSO.
2) ACLog does not have the capability to easily find/list invalid entries in QSOs.
3) You will find the valid, possible entries for:
a) Countries in Shared/ADIFCnt.txt
b) States in Shared/states.txt
c) Counties in ACLog/countie.txt

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Who is "Jim?" I am relatively new to this group and don't find any posting for "FILE >> Download Country Files from ADIC." Perhaps someone could give a link to the last time this occurred?

Thanks for the help.


On 9/12/2020 2:31 PM, Dave - K7DCJ via wrote:
What is an invalid entry in a QSO?
In Amateur Contact Log, AWARDS..., there is a checkbox "List only valid entries." If I check that, I get certain results when I "Calculate." If I uncheck that, I get different results.
How do I find the QSOs with invalid entries?
What fields in a QSO must be valid? Or, maybe the same question: What fields in a QSO make it invalid?

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